This quick tutorial will guide your through the process of setting up wikiprojects to manage your first project. You will learn how to:

  1. Defining a Company
  2. Adding a User
  3. Defining a Project
  4. Defining Tasks
  5. Adding a Task Dependency
  6. Defining an Event
  7. Adding a Forum
  8. Viewing Your Project
This book is a fast-paced, practical guide to getting things done with dotProject. It illustrates an easy and effective method to handle projects with the help of extensive real-world examples. The book is for a person or a group of people who are looking for an efficient and flexible project management tool for managing any kind of project. They may be users with technical knowledge such as system administrators or IT professionals, or users with basic computer and internet skills who want a project management tool that they can learn easily without having to learn HTML or a programming language. No prior experience of formal project management is required.
The questionnaire which you can find in excel book is an assessment tool designed to evaluate the overall management health of a business. It is divided into eight sections each referring to one of the management essentials described in O'Connor recommended book. The Health Check's results are interpreted so that a low total score shows healthy management and a high score indicates a need for improvement. This assessment tool gives managers a starting point for reviewing the whole of their business by discovering where potential trouble may lie.
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Test Your e-Business Intelligence Quotient
Based on e-Business Intelligence by Bernard Liautaud

This test will help you assess your organization’s e-business intelligence Quotient—to help you determine the best course of action for increasing Your organization’s ability to turn data into knowledge and profit.
For each statement, select the answer that most closely matches the use of information in your organization. Focus on the present situation, not future goals.
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From Active Manger Tool Kit by Mel Silberman

People working in today’s complex, bureaucratic organizations often feel manipulated, cautious, and vulnerable. In order to help themselves feel more in control, these same people use favored influence strategies to get what they want from others. Unfortunately, when used in this manner these strategies actually mark the actors’ dependency and weakness. The Empowerment Patterns Inventory that follows will help
you identify your favored patterns, and then learn to use them in an authentic manner.

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From the The Encyclopedia of Leadership
Inspired by John Kotter, Gene Dalton, Peter Scholtes

Is your organization, department, or workgroup ready for change? This tool will help you assess the always-difficult question of change readiness. Check the one box in each row that best describes your change project.
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