Services offered

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Sandbox Free Pro

You are higly encourged to  discover  wikiprojects features and see how it can help you in your project managment challanges. In the sandbox and with the demo user you have administretive previlages so you can explore the full power of wikiproejcts. 

Our FREE offering consist of a space in a shared wikiprojects enviroment where you can manage up to:

  • One Company Code
  • Two Projects
  • Three users

In this free enviroment you will be sharing the same database with other users but your data will be separated on a logical level.


With our Pro service you will get your own and execlusive data base where you can have unlimited acces to:

  • Company Codes
  • Projects
  • Users

And the following modules:

  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  •  Procurement
  •  HR
  •  Communications
  •  Risk
  •  Stakeholder
  • Custom Reporting

All of that for a flat fee of:

250 USD/Month


In addition to our hosting options we would be happy to help you in:

  1. Implementing wikiprojects in your organization.
  2. Customizing wikiprojects to your own needs. 

We look forward to talking to you and discovering togother venues of collaboration on a win-win bases.